• Ladies Large Rump

    • Ladies R135.00
    • Large R170.00

    A perfect tasty cut

  • Sirloin

    • Ladies R135.00
    • Large R165.00

    Specially selected and matured to perfection

  • Fillet

    • Large R190.00

    Tender and juicy

  • T-Bone

    • Large R190.00

    750 gm grilled to an absolute man – sized T Bone

  • Mansize (Sirloin or Rump)

    • Large R210.00

    500gm Juicy lazy – aged sirloin or Rump for those ready for a real challenge

  • Spare Ribs

    • Large R170.00

    Sizzling rack of Pork basted with our famous apricot rib basting

  • Squires Meat Platter

    • Single R260.00
    • Double R390.00

    A Platter of ribs, beef kebabs, lamb chops and a piece of boerewors

  • Lamb Cutlets

    • Large R190.00

    Juicy cutlets grilled to perfection 

  • Lamb Shank

    • Large R195.00

    Slow roasted with herbs and lemon served with roasted sweet potato

  • Eisbein

    • Large R140.00

    A classic German delicacy on a bed of sauerkraut served with

    roasted sweet potato

  • Schnitzel

    • Large R160.00

    Pork Fillet crumbed and deep fried, served with lemon wedges or cheese sauce